Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling

Is relationship counseling right for you?

Hope lends us courage and strength to reach for help, and just by considering therapy, you make a first step in the right direction. Seeking therapy makes the statement that you actively pursue a chance at a happy, long lasting connection. All relationships go through periods of ups and downs, but sometimes couples find themselves unable to get out of a downtime and back to feeling connected and happy.

We all have a unique way of seeing and experiencing life. In our relationships with others these differences can lead to disagreements and conflict, which in turn can lead to a breakdown in communication and connection. The truth is, conflict is a healthy natural part of being in relationship and it is how you and your partner handle, recover and repair from conflict that will help you stay connected and close. Couples counseling can help you get there, allowing you to build intimacy, trust and friendship, and a relationship where you know your partner “has your back.”

People often worry that in relationship counseling, the therapist won’t be on their side. The truth is that an experienced therapist does not take sides. One partner is not more right than another, and there aren’t good guys or bad guys. My emphasis is on the relationship, which means we will primarily focus on the interactions you have with one another, and how they affect you both. If you have any anxieties about being blamed or shamed in therapy, let me assure you that my approach focuses on helping each of you build compassion and understanding for yourselves and for one another.

As a therapist, I design counseling procedures to be used in all types of relationships for all people seeking a lifetime of love. It is for people from various walks of life and cultures since every person on this planet has the same basic need for connection.

I work with couples who are wanting to build resiliency, intimacy and connection into their relationship as well as couples struggling with:

  • Crisis
  • Conflict
  • Resentment
  • Infidelity
  • Betrayal
  • Communication
  • Feeling ignored or unheard
  • Questioning whether to stay together or separate