Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Does anxiety feel like a constant companion?

Some amount of anxiety is a good thing and propels you to work towards your goals.  However, all too often, the pressures of modern life cause anxiety spiral to a place where it feels unmanageable. It can have a negative impact on both your professional and personal life and unfortunately put you even farther away from reaching your objectives.  You worry about performance and your relationships at work only to come home to the same feelings of uncertainty about your relationships with friends and family.  You want to feel close to others but end up spending so much time second guessing your choices and pushing for perfection that you struggle to really connect.

Is this you?

  • You regularly feel overwhelmed and stressed.

  • You have trouble concentrating because you worry what about might happen in the future.

  • You often find your thoughts racing, have panic attacks, or at times feel on edge.

  • You often feel uncertain about how connected you are to others.

  • You are hard on yourself and often feel like you are not “good enough”.

  • You have higher expectations of yourself than you do of others.

  • You leave or avoid relationships because you just can’t be sure what you want.

  • You struggle at work or jump from job to job because you are never sure you are in the right position, or question your ability to meet the demands/responsibilities of the position.

If You Resonate with Any of the Above, You’re Definitely Not Alone…

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults (18% of U.S. population).  Because of this, it is time tested and easy to treat with counseling for anxiety. Unfortunately only 4 million will receive treatment, and of those, only 400,000 will receive effective treatment. Good news. Since you’re reading my therapy website right now, you have the opportunity right in front of you to be one of the 400,000 who do it right.

Feeling anxious is NOT your fault.  Struggling with anxiety is not a character flaw or a weakness … you didn’t one day wake up and decide you wanted to suffer from anxiety, did you?  Of course not.  Anxiety can be due to a number of causes — it can be due to recent situational factors, or can be something that has been around your whole life.  It really doesn’t matter what the cause is or how long you have suffered from it.  What does matter is that with the right kind of counseling for anxiety and stress and you can:

  • Live a balanced, happy, and fulfilling life.

  • Be more accepting of yourself, appreciating your imperfections and uniqueness.

  • Experience more stability around your work and career choices.

  • Have an increased sense of connection with a partner, family or friends.

  • Experience an increased sense of ability to successfully meet life’s challenges and uncertainties.

  • Find awareness and acceptance of the present moment without judgment.

All of This Can be Achieved Through Mindfulness-Based Counseling

I’ve spent the last several years as an Austin therapist studying how to treat anxiety and have found that the skills from mindfulness-based psychotherapy—a therapy technique that is based on modern brain research and is proven to work—offers the best long term results for reducing anxiety.

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